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We specialize in custom corporate awards and sports trophies. For business and company trophies, we have a diverse inventory and custom engraving options to help you recognize teams, individual performance, milestones, or tenure.

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Need a professional and beautiful award to honor somebody? We have hundreds of designs and ideas to give your honoree an unmatched feeling of respect as they claim their original award.

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We Handle All types of Projects and Occasions

We specialize in custom corporate awards and sports trophies. We have solutions for just about any type of event, award ceremony, occasion, and personalization. 

Whether it is a custom award for a sporting event or a personalized gift to a friend, we have a solution for you.

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“Buck is amazing!! He saved the day when I was in a big bind! I had bought a monkeypod cutting board for a friend’s wedding, when the engraver in town that I had made an appt with flaked on me (the day of the wedding, might I add)… my great idea for a custom present crumbled and I was so bummed. Frantically looking on Yelp I stopped by two other engraving places, both couldn’t take me and weren’t that helpful. In my self pity, I drove back to Kailua to get ready for the wedding. In a final attempt, I yelped “engraving, Kailua” and I couldn’t believe a business popped up. In desperation and ready for disappointment I called the number. Low and Behold, Buck listened to my saga and said come over now and I’ll do it! I couldn’t believe my ears!!! I came by his place, he did a fantastic job, for a fantastic price, super quick and willing to help my through my indecisiveness. Thanks for saving the day Buck!  All my engraving projects are going straight to him!”

Kristine M.

“Words cannot express how wonderful Buck is! He’s a great listener and really understood what I was looking for. It all turned out beautifully! Thank you for all your hard work, Buck!🏆”

Misty Heileman Kuo

“I always go to Kailua Trophy and Engraving for all of my engraving needs! The owners are great people and have always been very helpful on all of my projects. The engraving comes out absolutely beautiful everytime! They have a great online store and trophy selection as well for pretty much any occasion.”

Kaka'ako Ukulele

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