Hawaiian War Club (Leiomano)

At Kailua Trophy & Engraving, we recognize the Hawaiian War Club, the Leiomano, as a profound symbol within Hawaiian culture, embodying more than its physical form as a traditional war club with shark teeth. This Hawaiian weapon draws many similarities to the Polynesian war clubs used throughout the Pacific in other Polynesian cultures.

We have a variety of Hawaiian weapons available on our website, including the Hawaiian War Club, commonly described as a Hawaiian shark tooth club or war club with shark teeth. Our collection includes war clubs that are crafted from genuine Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii, Mango wood, Maple, and Birdseye maple.

Each of our wooden war clubs is meticulously crafted from authentic koa wood and adorned with genuine shark teeth. Known as Leiomano, these Hawaiian war clubs boast distinctive inlays and are wrapped with traditional sennit rope. We offer the option to personalize your shark tooth club with custom engraving, making it an ideal choice for gifts or awards.

Made With Authentic Shark Teeth

Customizeable with Unique Engravings

Proudly Crafted in Hawaii

Our Hawaiian War Clubs for Sale

Hawaiian War Club 19″ Lei o Mano Mango Wood



Made With Real Shark Teeth


Crafted From Authentic Mango Wood


Custom Engraving Available

Ali’i Hawaiian War Club – 19″ Koa Wood



Crafted From Authentic Hawaiian Koa Wood From the Big Island of Hawaii


Made With Genuine Shark Teeth


Custom Engraving Available

Hawaiian War Club 19″ Lei O Mano Koa & Maple Inlays



Made With Real Shark Teeth


Crafted From Koa Wood and Birdseye Maple Inlay


Custom Engraving Available

Mahogany Shadow Box with Koa Lei-o-Mano War Club



Leiomano War Club Placed in Mahogany Shadow Box


War Club (Leiomano) Crafted From Authentic Koa Wood From the Big Island of Hawaii


Custom Engraving Available

Crafted from Genuine Koa Wood

Sourced directly from the Big Island of Hawaii, our koa wood is selected for its superior quality and unique grain patterns.

By incorporating koa wood into our war clubs, we not only ensure durability and beauty but also imbue each piece with the spirit and heritage of Hawaii. This connection to the land and its traditions is what sets our war clubs apart, making them not just tools of art but also symbols of history and culture.

Hawaiian war clubs made in Hawaii
hawaiian shark tooth war club

Custom Engraving for Your War Club

Elevate your war club with our custom engraving service. Every piece in our collection can be personalized, transforming your selection into a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Ideal for gifting, commemorating, or celebrating, our engraving option lets you inscribe your own story, name, or design, ensuring your war club is as unique as your spirit.

What is a Hawaiian War Club Called?

The Hawaiian war club has been given the name of “Leiomano” by the ancient Hawaiians who have wielded them. Leiomano, a word originating from the Hawaiian language, is believed to be derived from “lei o manō,” which translates to “a shark’s lei,” a poetic description that describes the shark teeth that encircle the wooden paddle.

The paddle of the Leiomano was traditionally crafted from koa wood and encircled with tiger shark teeth. This shark-toothed club was used predominantly by native Hawaiians, and less so by other Polynesian cultures.

The Legacy of the Leiomano (Shark Tooth Club)

The Hawaiian war club, Leiomano, holds a revered place in the annals of Hawaiian history, embodying the warrior spirit and skill that defined ancient Hawaiian combat. This traditional weapon, favored by warriors for close combat, required not only physical prowess but also a profound understanding of martial skill to be wielded effectively. 

The use of shark teeth in its construction transformed the Leiomano into a formidable weapon, each tooth meticulously inset to create an edge of unparalleled danger and beauty. Beyond its practical application in warfare, the Leiomano was a symbol of status and prowess among warriors, its presence on the battlefield a testament to the bearer’s skill and valor.

What Does the Leiomano Symbolize?

The Leiomano is a revered traditional Hawaiian weapon, symbolizing protection, strength, and cultural values. Crafted from Koa or Okahala wood and adorned with shark teeth, coconut fiber, and rooster feathers, it embodies the warrior’s connection to nature and community.

Engravings on the Leiomano represent protection, family values, and new beginnings, serving as talismans for safeguarding one’s family and land. This weapon is not just a tool of warfare but a cultural artifact, reflecting the craftsmanship, spirit, and heritage of the Hawaiian people.

The Cultural Significance of the Leiomano

The significance of the Leiomano extended far beyond the realms of combat. It played an integral role in ceremonies and rituals, marking it as a symbol of spiritual and cultural importance within Hawaiian society. This dual nature of the Leiomano, as both a weapon and a ceremonial artifact, highlights its deep-rooted significance in Hawaiian culture.

It was not merely a tool of war but a cherished object that connected the physical and spiritual worlds, embodying the values, traditions, and artistry of the Hawaiian people. At Kailua Trophy & Engraving, we understand and honor the deep historical and cultural significance of the Leiomano, ensuring that our replicas and engravings reflect the respect and reverence this iconic symbol deserves.

What Makes Our Hawaiian Shark Tooth Clubs Unique

At Kailua Trophy & Engraving, our commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship shines through our collection of Leiomano Hawaiian war clubs. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to preserving the rich heritage and culture of Hawaii. We offer a diverse array of replicas and collector items that cater to enthusiasts and historians alike, ensuring every detail from the curve of the wood to the placement of the shark teeth is meticulously crafted.

Our custom engraving service allows for a personal touch, transforming these historical replicas into unique artifacts that carry personal or cultural significance. Whether for display or as part of a traditional ceremony, our Leiomano Hawaiian war clubs are crafted to honor the legacy of Hawaiian warriors.

Other Popular Hawaiian Weapons

Beyond the esteemed koa wood war clubs, Hawaiian warriors were known for their mastery of a diverse array of weapons, each with its own unique design and purpose.

Here are some of the most popular ancient Hawaiian weapons:

Pāhoa – A dagger crafted from wood or bone, prized for its effectiveness in close combat. It was a personal weapon, often carried for protection and as a symbol of a warrior’s prowess.

Ihe – A long wooden spear designed for thrusting and throwing. Its use required great skill, embodying the warrior’s strength and precision in battle.

Ma’a – A sling made from natural fibrous materials, demonstrating the ingenuity of Hawaiian warfare. It allowed warriors to strike enemies from a distance with surprising accuracy.

Lei o Mano – A fearsome hand weapon adorned with shark teeth, capable of inflicting severe wounds. It symbolizes the deep connection between Hawaiian warriors and their environment, utilizing the natural resources around them to enhance their martial capabilities.


Koa Wood and Beyond: The Materials Crafting Our War Clubs

Our collection of war clubs showcases a diverse range of materials, each chosen for its unique qualities and beauty. Among the variety of woods we use, you’ll find mango wood, known for its striking grain and durability; birdseye maple, which offers a distinctive pattern that seems to shimmer and move; and ko wood, valued for its robustness and aesthetic appeal. However, the crown jewel of our collection is the koa wood.

Koa wood holds a place of honor in our craftsmanship, not just for its physical properties but for its deep cultural significance. Sourced from the Hawaiian Islands, koa wood is renowned for its rich hues, intricate grain patterns, and unmatched durability. This wood is not merely a material; it’s a connection to the heritage and spirit of Hawaii. Its use in our war clubs not only ensures a product of exceptional quality but also imbues each piece with the essence of the islands’ lush landscapes and profound history.

At Kailua Trophy & Engraving, we understand that the choice of material is paramount. By using genuine Koa Wood, we ensure that each Leiomano not only pays homage to the traditional Hawaiian craft but also stands as a lasting symbol of Hawaii’s natural beauty and the enduring strength of its people.